College Blues

Cycling home recently I took a small diversion through the grounds of MMU’s Alsager College, which used to be a busy campus specialising in teacher training and sports science.

Now all the college’s activities have shifted to Crewe and the site is likely to be redeveloped as a housing estate.  This is the rather sad sight that you see today:

The College has extensive sports fields and one version of the draft plans includes keeping the fields for public use.  I wonder why this makes me sceptical?

However, since the closure the tennis courts have amazingly remained open:

Alsager’s young people make good use of these.  I wonder whether those nets were left there as a deliberately public-spirited decision or were simply forgotten about and abandoned?

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3 Responses to College Blues

  1. Chandra says:

    Let’s hope they left the nets behind, cuz they wanted to, and not because they forgot about them and abandoned them. Of course, I too could be too optimistic sometimes 🙂

    Peace 🙂

  2. ja says:

    It saddens me to see the MMU site and to think of the bleak future it has in store of more monopoly housing. My son and I use the basketball and tennis courts often and would love to see them stay. As Alsager has no focal point…well the Mere could have been one…how about using these fantastic MMU facilities for local children. Now let’s think about what there is in Alsager for the young to teenage kids…hmm…the park at the top of Hassall Road (two swings and a bball net for older kids and a swing and slide for the younger), Milton Park, the older kids have the bmx area and the new kiddies park is good. Small kiddies park next to the docs. Can anyone think of anything I have missed?!!! The leisure centre is ok but try asking for a basketball court for two people, cost seems to be the issue. I don’t know, I visit some towns with fantastic facilities and yet in Alsager everything seems to be kept to the minimal. So sad! At least you can cycle along the salt line and canals (mostly)! That’s what keeps me going.

    • Yes I was surprised when I went to play badminton at the leisure centre at how much it was. Swimming is also expensive. These are things that need to be free or cheap if we want healthy kids!

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