Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Arriving home in Alsager after a ride to Sandbach, I came across the floats of the Alsager Carnival.  This annual event draws in the schools, scout groups, and churches who make floats and have a good time.  About one third of the town are in floats or walking along behind them; another third are standing around watching; and the third third are getting annoyed as they sit in the ensuing traffic jam.

In an era when every car company is trying to pretend to be green, and make their cars smaller, and lighter, and use less fuel, and in fact be more like bikes, why would anybody want their bikes to look more like a car? I never had time to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Soon after, along came another puzzle, innocent young children all dressed up to look like killers and warmongers.  Some were even wirlding pretend assault rifles,  American College style.  Presumably the adults in charge felt this was a fitting way to celebrate a carnival.

The weather was just as disapproving as I was and started to rain on their parade.

About abikerideaday

I like riding my bike about for work and for fun. Having a blog lets me sound off and generally express things. If you like my blog, please pass the address on to other cyclists in the area!
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