A Hidden Gem

When I last wrote about  Who will stretch the Salt Line, I didn’t ride the route and describe it; but the missing ‘bit’ of the salt line is a lovely path used by a few people in the know.  Both ends of this path are unsigned, and the Lawton Road end is invisible from the road.  It goes down the left hand side of the nursery which is almost opposite the entrance to the Twyfords Factory:

The path continues behind the two cars you can see at the end of the drive!  For a while the path is a wide farm track with open views:








There are narrow dark bits with secret paths leading off into shaded woods.  The path is rideable all the way although I saw only a jogger and a dog-walker.  So few people were enjoying the magical light of a spring evening, that it made me wonder whether this little gem of a path is best left alone or whether it should be improved and opened up into a proper cycle route like the rest of the Salt Line.   It would lose some of its magic, but it would attract more users and thus be safer in the long run from development or closure.

More pictures from the path:




The end of the path is just abvout 20 metres from the start of the ‘official’ Salt Line.  Why this bit was not included is a bit of a mystery.

All over the country there are little hidden paths like this, precious to the people who use them, some of them vulnerable to those who would like to close them.  Returning on this path towards Lawton Road, the last 100 metres are blocked , causing an awkward diversiond down a narrow path between two  electric fences.  How did we ever let this happen, when we had the wonderful resource of a level route all the way to Sandbach and beyond?

The railway used to run right through here – now there’s a ‘no entry’ sign.  Somebody wasn’t vigilant enough!





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