A Ride to Audlem

With the warmest November ever, it seemed a pity to waste the good weather. So in spite of gusting wind Dave and I set out for Audlem.  We took a route that is mainly along quiet lanes:

The zoomable version of this map can be found here   On leaving Nantwich we came across this pretty scene:

Quiz question: Is this a lake, a pond, a mere, or a flash?  In order to be a mere, it must have no thermocline!   ‘Flash’ does not seem to exist in Wikipediaworld except in the plural: Sandbach Flashes are listed, briny salty ponds except when they are freshwater flashes!

From Nantwich there is a quiet lane to Audlem, where we came across a cafe well frequented by cyclists:

This is the Old Priest House Coffee Shop, much used by cycling clubs because Audlem is miles from anywhere, and as such is a good destination for a bikeride from somewhere.

It is crowded, sweaty, and full of cycling photographs. And cyclists.  If you want to listen in on cycling talk, this is the place to eavesdrop.   It was noticeable that the entire clientele consisted of  (mostly middle-aged) men.  Something wrong here!  Why are cycling clubs full of men?   The only females in sight were the young waitresses bringing the  – in my opinion overpriced – bacon sandwiches.

Is there some parallel venue where hordes of middle-aged women are tended to by gorgeous young men?   The hairdresser is the one that springs to mind as a possible candidate.

My own brief flirtation with a cycling club lasted a few weeks, after which I realised that endless chat about who had got the latest Shimano something or a new frame or  carbon spokes was not my cup of tea.  Whatever happened to the old tradition of large groups riding out for a social occasionn with a mix of ages and genders?  Somebody please tell me this still goes on, and where!

Back to Alsager via Checkley and Wrinehill. This was a longish ride at 37 miles, mostly flat and, thanks to late autumn sunshine, all beautiful.

About abikerideaday

I like riding my bike about for work and for fun. Having a blog lets me sound off and generally express things. If you like my blog, please pass the address on to other cyclists in the area!
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  1. Thoroughly enjoying your blogs so don’t give up!

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