A Ride to the Butcher for Sausages

You may know from some previous posts that I go shopping at Tesco,  the badness of which is offset against my going there on a bike and even with a trailer.  And you will also know if you are a regular reader that I go to the Farmer’s Market as well.  When it comes to meat, though, I head to a secret location that combines the best of both by being cheaper than Tesco  but also fresh and local!

Heading out of Kidsgrove up Acres Nook and cycling up a short but very steep hill,

you get to our local abbatoir.  Sometimes as you arrive there is a farmer’s lorry unloading sheep here:  

After a respectable pause the sheep emerge round the corner in the form of lamb chops.  I’ve never seen any sign of specialised equipment for squirting water into the meat. (Tesco take note!)

This is undoubtedly at the opposite end of the poshness spectrum to the Rode Hall Farmer’s Market.  But A. J. Green have never sold me venison that was 25% water. (Farmer’s market take note!)

The abbatoir/butcher also has better views than the butchers in Alsager:

The valley that this picture looks over is where Bathpool Park is.   Riding home there are more interesting thingts to see:

The strange brick structure in the middle of the field is a ventilation shaft for the Harecastle tunnel.  This is the sort of amazing stuff you see on a bike!  If you go in your car, then this is what you see:

One last view caught my eye as I headed home, and provided today’s quiz question..  What is the white circular thing to the right of the pole in this picture?

Is it:     * The sun?

              * The moon?

              * A drop of rain on my lens?

              * An illusion caused by the  lights of a plane coming in to Manchester Airport?

              * A flying saucer with a learner pilot?

              * The radio telescope dish at Jodrell Bank?

              * None of the above?

Answer will appear in tomorrow’s blog!

About abikerideaday

I like riding my bike about for work and for fun. Having a blog lets me sound off and generally express things. If you like my blog, please pass the address on to other cyclists in the area!
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One Response to A Ride to the Butcher for Sausages

  1. Donald Nisley says:

    It’s a moo cow.!!

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