Rode Hall Farmer’s Market

Or should that be Rode Hall Farmers’ Market?  If it is one farmer having the market, then it’s the former; but if it’s the market of many farmers, it’s the latter.  But what if one farmer is having a market to which he invites many others? Then it could be the Rode Hall Farmer’s Farmers’ market.  At a push we could abbreviate this to the Farmer’s’  market….   I do love grammar.  Grammar is to language as bicycles are to cycling.

Anyway, today is the first Saturday of the month, and so the Market was on.  Rode Hall must be the best sign-posted market in the world:

Presumably this sign comes down for the other three or four Saturdays each month when there is no market.  Riding there up Poolside I stopped at the Angler’s Gate to try and get a picture looking over the lake to the Big House.  After being sent in the right direction by a friendly fisherman I got this shot of a rather shuttered-up looking Rode Hall:

What I like about this is the way the house has two rows of windows visible but the reflection has only one!

The Farmer’s market is always a pleasure, with a lot of good food at extortionate prices. Fortunately it’s only once a month.  Today I bought sourdough bread and admired the spectacular mushroom display:

On my way out I counted a grand total of four bikes at the market, one of which was mine.  This stood in rather poor contrast to the 460 cars (accurately counted by the man on the gate, owner of the fine machine on the right):

For the record, here are the other two bikes:

This gives a car-to-bike (CTB) ratio of 115 to 1. Now I can’t afford to be too sniffy about this, because one of the cars contained my own family.  But with Rode Hall so close to Alsager, it’s odd that so few people cycle there.   At least on the way out I saw some customers arriving on foot.

The market has a lovely setting.  There is live music playing and tea and food available. You bump into people you know. It’s a nice way to spend some time on a Saturday morning.  Just don’t expect to leave with much change!

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I like riding my bike about for work and for fun. Having a blog lets me sound off and generally express things. If you like my blog, please pass the address on to other cyclists in the area!
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